For my personal goals in Education, I plan to utilize Constructivism in my classroom on a daily basis. I believe that this particular learning theory can maximize our ability, as educators, to prepare our youth for the world that they are a part of. Constructivism relies on the reflection of past knowledge and experiences to build an understanding of the world around you. Everything is connected when it comes to expanding the knowledge of our youth and it’s important to build on their existing knowledge. It is also important to have a complete understanding of this method because I believe that in order to teach well, we must understand the way that students perceive the information that they are given and this relies heavily on their individual experiences.

Constructivism will come in handy for me when my students are reading literature; because literature is all about your interpretation mixed with the intentions of the author. Therefore, the student will need to develop an understanding of how the author operates and what message is being sent. This is where constructivism comes in. It is up to me to set an atmosphere, paint a picture of the life that the author lived, and to know more than what’s on the page. With these things, the teacher can provide the necessary means for the student to be on the right track.

I also plan on my classroom relying on intense dialogue between my students and myself. I think that this is crucial for many reasons and I will highlight a few:

1. I think it’s important for students to realize that there can be a common ground between opposing opinions. This will foster more acceptance and understanding of diversity.

2. When students try to explain something, I can see the extent of their understanding.  This will provide as a useful tool to decide which direction to take the lesson.

3. I believe that every person I meet has something to teach me. This does not exclude my students. One of the many reasons that I have decided to go into Education is the fact that I will also be consistently learning. I hope to never lose sight of this.

4. A main aspect of my job is to create well-rounded and informed citizens. As we all know there comes many times in a professional setting that “they may need to offer information, ask questions, or argue for a different solution… It’s one of those skills best developed with practice” (


I believe that the best way to stay committed to Diversity is to stay committed to your students and to not lose sight of the fact that their individual backgrounds contribute and limit their understanding. The key is to find a way to adapt to them and to be aware that there will be no one method of teaching for every student. By the educator adapting to students and the students adapting to the educator, we provide students and ourselves to value flexibility and opposing opinions. This is why I feel that Constructivism is so crucial in the classroom. It provides never-ending adaptation for the students and the educator so that there is never a cap on the lesson learned.