Today I had my first meeting with Denee, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency. I will be working with this organization at Truman High School in Taylor. Today’s meeting was set up to talk about how I will be utilized, the organization’s mission, go over the Service Learning Agreement, and to plan a schedule.

       The mission of the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency is “to empower low-income people and strengthen communities through diverse services, leadership and collaboration.” I think that this is a great organization to work with and I think that the diversity it brings will definitely help me to further develop my Personal Education Philosophy.

           I think that the meeting went very well. It doesn’t seem like they have too many volunteers at the moment but Denee said that they have a consistent staff. My job will change each day depending on the activities we have on our agenda. Something that surprised me was Denee saying that she’d like for me to give a presentation to the students at the end of the month on Diversity and I’m very excited about it. Denee seems very passionate about her students and very eager for me to start. She’s also letting me come before the program starts to help plan the agenda, I’m very excited about this part and I think it will help me when coming up with future plans for my classroom. The main thing that I’m worried about is finding the time to stay actively involved with the program. I think that this organization will offer me a lot of opportunities to expand my leadership skills and I don’t want to waste it by only doing the things required of me. This will take up a lot of time but I want to do more than just tutor, I want to help plan their agendas and execute my own ideas and projects. I just hope that I can juggle everything in my weekly schedule, I may have to cut down some hours at one of my jobs but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

    Well, that basically sums up my experience during my first day with the WMCAA today. I’m excited to officially start with them next week. i have added a couple of pictures to the end of this post. One is the logo for the organization and one is of the high school that I will be working with (it is actually the same high school that I graduated from in 2007).

Harry S Truman High School:


Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency Logo: